Am Om

In the beginning, there were many small tribes to the west of the main Munpia cluster in K62. Munpia was just finishing off WoM at the time and had eyes for the core. Strategically, they decided the best way to defend their flank was to start an Academy tribe. Thus AM was born.

This was much to the delight of many of us in smaller tribes who were waiting inevitably to be swallowed up by the monster called Munpia. Munpia's biggest requirement for an invite was ODA and no Barb nobles. Me and about 50 other people from the K62 area qualified and so AM began.

AM began as a complete puppet tribe for Munpia. They sent a member of their tribe down to be the Duke (for the life of me I can't remember his name). The Duke liked me right away because of my advice in tribal forums and made me a Baron almost immediately. Even though I was a Baron, I had no decision making power. I was only there to give direction. We were given direct tasks and if members did not follow orders, they were kicked from the tribe and replaced. This went on for about a month until AM became a solid group of fighters.

Munpia began to test AM more and more, sending us to war with several other smaller tribes in K61. We performed admirably and started gaining respect from our Mother tribe.

It was about this time, that the Duke of AM had to step away from the game due to RL problems. After much discussion with Sehoun21 from Munpia, I was given the reigns to AM. (He was leery of an outsider controlling the Academy and I was sick of being a puppet.) We still followed orders from Munpia, but the orders were less frequent and we began to gain more freedom in decision making.

Immediately, I started to assemble my leadership. My right hand man became Skibo. I had played my first world with him (4) and trusted him completely. He was a very skilled player. I brought in Emaad Hasan and Jo6hy to a council that already had Rho and PeachTea on it. Off we went planning our next big move.

To the South of us in K72 was the LOW family. A very powerful looking tribe at the time (to us at least). I brought up the idea to the leaders of Munpia for our expansion Southward. They loved the idea, because of some past war refugees whom had entered LOW. So we were given the task of devising a war plan against LOW to include whatever Munpia we wished to help us near that border.

Skibo did most of the work on this plan and it worked to perfection. We annihilated LOW and began to own K72. We owed a lot of this to the help of Munpia, but the main force was AM. We felt like we had hit the big time.

After a month or two of cleaning up K72 and advancing into K61 and K71. Munpia felt it was time we entered another big war. They ordered us to draw up plans against the TLA family. This was due to the fact of border skirmishes between TLA and an ally of us in K52 (LCS or something like that). So there we went again with planning.

As the plans became set and were about to be approved. All communication with Munpia went silent. So with the attack set to go in a few days, we went ahead with it anyway. Hoping to hear from Munpia soon. It was bad news when Sehoun21 finally got in touch with me. Munpia had went largely inactive. Without the backing of our Mother tribe, we ended the war with TLA fairly quickly in order to sort things out.

This is when OM was born. OM (short for Om Nom Nom) was excited to remove the stigma of Academy tribe. Though most of the world still considered us one for quite awhile, we set out to prove them wrong. Munpia completely fell apart shortly after and some of their members started another tribe - Hungry. We immediately became close with them and replanned a TLA invasion.

Our two tribes ripped through TLA and another war was won. We were starting to get big-headed at this point having never been challenged in a war.

As Hungry and H2O finished off the TLA family, our new plans were to consolidate. We had dominance in 4 K's (61, 62, 71, 72), but were fairly spread out. This seems to be where we went horribly wrong.

We began inviting stronger members from enemy tribes in K71 and K72 to fill out our tribe. This led to many treacherous activities amongst us. Most notably, Hocchump. There were others traitors, but no one was worse then him. It was my fault originally, because against my council's request, I put him in charge of K72. At the time, our most prevalent K.

Giving him freedom I should never have, he began to invite some players he had been with in K72. I then ordered him to come up with an attack plan against Fams82. (A noob tribe to the south of him). When he started this operation, it was a complete and utter mess from the start. Spies were everywhere and Hocchump himself was even tipping off some of the enemy to protect some friends of his. Right then and there I should have ordered his immediate annihilation. But at the time, the facts were cloudy and I wanted to give him a chance.

This started almost a division among the tribe and morale began to sink to a horrible level. People started to go inactive left and right and the trusted base of the tribe was diminishing. There was talk of people leaving and starting a new tribe led by whom else but Hocchump.

At this time, my work was becoming unbearable and I was letting the stress of a game affect it. So I stepped down as Duke and handed over the reigns to Skibo whom I don't believe stayed much longer either.

The tribe turned into MANICO shortly after so one of them must end this story.

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