Azi The Dragon

Introduction to Tribal Wars

How TW came into Azi's life

Azi the Dragon was introduced to Tribal Wars when he and several friends from a Facebook text-based game called WARBOOK decided to try their luck at their own village.

First World First Village

Azi began in World 17 in a tribe called ~TxB~ under the IGN 'I Supply Reources'. ISR as he came to be known was not too knowledgeable of the game but enjoyed the politics and the friendships. Capping out at a whopping 3 villages, ISR decided to call it quits.

World 24

Leader of ~BxB~

Azi began world 24 on opening day with the intent to create a tribe run very similar to the one he had been in on world 17. Sabatoge, early merges and ultimately a war with H²O led by Lord-Chaos would cut short his dream of leading a tribe into the top 10.

War with H²O

Early on Azi sent attacks to the number 2 player in the world at that time pbear who laughed. ~BxB~ allied with Nazgul, the two tribes attempted to bring down the rank 10 tribe that dominated their Kontinent. Nazgul disbanded and several of their members were assimilated into H²O. Shortly after, ~BxB~ fell and disbanded.

Joining H²O²

After the war, Azi joined the newly formed academy tribe of H²O. At this point, the founder was no longer playing tribal wars, and Pbear was leader of the tribe and it's academy. After a couple weeks, Azi was bumped up to the main tribe where he began his long career with H²O.




~TLA~ f.







World 30

Crysis [CRY]

End of Career

Presently, Azi claims to not be playing any worlds although many suspect he plays under an alias in one of the newly created worlds…

azi the dragonazi the dragon
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