A Legend Begins

cgopie1 started his TW experience in the newly made W24 a couple days after it opened. Due to the popular settings W24 offered, many players entered the world. Thus cgopie1 was still located near the rim (in the north-west segment of K15), despite his relatively early entrance into the world.

He was invited to many mass-recruiting tribes. The first one he was invited to, LOME!. As this was his first world, he rarely logged onto TW and only grew to 111 points in his 3 weeks there. When he decided to actually give this game a go, he left the tribe, which seemed pretty inactive and waited for the mass-recruit tribes to throw invites at him once more.

First Proper Tribe

He eventually joined Plague, a tribe run by the experienced Dark Spartan. cgopie1 also recruited Fiercegoldfish into the tribe, and Plague slowly started to grow in north K15. They eventually merged with Order of the Lost Souls to create Pols.

As a newbie to Tribal wars, cgopie1 spent most of the early months growing in Pols by nobling barbs and internal nobling. There was a mass exodus from Pols into EL15LS led by Skipperhy. cgopie1 was asked to join, but he turned down the opportunity as he wished to remain loyal to Fiercegoldfish and Stanford Bri.

After the mass exodus, cgopie1 was promoted to council member of Pols, and was involved in much of the decisions made by the tribe. Eventually, Pols decided to war Fbs and were about to ask the help of their Allies, ASBO, but this backfired as before the request to ASBO was made, ASBO turned on Pols and declared on them.

Defection to the Enemy and the Pols V ASBO War

On the day of the declaration, cgopie1 followed his friend, Stanford Bri, out of Pols and into ASBO and immediately started to attack Pols members. In fact, four days into the war, cgopie1 had made the most enemy noblings from either side.

Just after cgopie1 changed sides he mailed fiercegoldfish about the betrayal and made it apparent that he was to spy for Pols inside ASBO. However, this was just a ploy to keep the heat of of him at the start. When it did become apparent that cgopie1 was indeed to remain at ASBO permanently, fiercegoldfish, now angry, mailed Psychokilla and forwarded the convo in which cgopie1 told him he was to spy. cgopie1 was subsequently kicked and ASBO started attacking him. However, cgopie1 provided evidence to the contrary and was let back into ASBO.

The weeks that followed was a success for both cgopie1 and ASBO, as the overwhelming noblings to the other side eventually caused Pols to disband, with the remaining members joining Obv (who were previously Pols2).

Big Decisions

ASBO soon announced a NAP with Obv. This prevented much further expansion for ASBO. cgopie1 attempted to noble a few 3k barbs in K6 as an attempt to gain a foothold for future expansion to the east. There was trouble to the south and to the west as Fbs, ASBO's allies, were at war with V-V-V and SWARM. cgopie1, along with many of the ASBO players wanted to support Fbs but were told not to by the ASBO dukes. cgopie1 also led the charge with lxlzerolxl, in trying to force ASBO into the war by declaring on V-V-V, who were to the south, and ASBO's only real possible chance of expansion. However these were refuted. Fbs soon got a NAP with V-V-V and SWARM, and things quieted down a bit….for now.

Targeted and Tested

ASBO soon broke the border agreements held with Fbs, which allowed ASBO to noble into k4 and k14. cgopie1 was one of the players who started taking a lot of advantage from this. However, Fbs replied by merging with Obv to create Boob. They also dropped the alliance to a NAP, then dropped the NAP completely.

The signs were ominous and cgopie1 pleaded with the dukes to start war plans with Boob, mainly as he was in the main firing line. The ASBO dukes refused, so cgopie1 sent his own support to his K4 villages, anticipating the war.

Sure enough Fbs did declare, and =III= started attacking from the East. Also, sure enough, cgopie1 was one of the main targets and was tested for the first time in his TW career. The test did not go well for him, and he lost many villages as he had little support apart from his own.

RL started to catch up on him, and he just didn't have time to watch out for the 600+ incomings he was constantly receiving, so he took a week long break and set Psychokilla as his sitter.

He came back halfway through, but just for a day. The most significant action he made at ASBO was during this time, when he openly criticized the dukes' decisions, and their lack of decisions. This rant filtered through to the rest of the ASBO players and many of them left for =III= as a result.

When cgopie1 returned to his wrecked account permanently, he saw how fast ASBO had fallen, and how far they would continue to fall. He had lost all faith in his dukes, one of which did not look at his account once while he was away, and was angered by the lack of support from other players to his own villages.

He made the decision to leave ASBO and start on fighting everyone till he reached the rim. He did, however, contact slowdowntubby in a feeble attempt to join Boob, though he knew that he wouldn't get in. He was surprised by the response however, as slowdowntubby repled by considering letting in cgopie1, citing the fact that he was one of the few players that actually bothered to fight back at all, and one or two signs of potential for development into a better player.

Confident Times at Booty

As soon as cgopie1 joined Boob, he was surrounded by enemies as he was deep into ASBO territory. However he proceeded to attack and noble with ease, though he did have slight diffulty with ringo117140 (at the end, cgopie1 took 1 ringo village, and ringo took 3 cgopie1 villages). He also gave up his east k15 villages without a fight as Boob's allies, =III=, were entitled to everything on the eastern half of k15, so cgopie would have lost the villages eventually anyway.

He started to become more active in the external forums, mainly because a lot of ASBO players were flaming him for leaving the tribe during a war. cgopie1 tried to aggravate the ASBO players further by actually quoting an ASBO player for his sig, "cgopie1, you show no sense of loyalty or honour". From this point, cgopie1 decided to change his public persona completely into the contraversial joker that he is today. This new persona will get him in plenty of trouble and cause a lot of hatred towards him, but at the same time, it would help him a lot in many other ways and gain a lot of admirers along the way.

He nobled a lot of ASBO villages following his switch and started to move back up the rankings, where he previously fell because of his drawbacks in the war on the ASBO side. He also liked to rant about himself in the BOOTY forums, citing mainly his ODA:points ratio as being one of the best in the tribe and better than the likes of slowdowntubby and rob23. This brought much humour into the tribe, but caused a lot of players to detest him and one or two players still hold this grudge with him to this day.

The following month was relatively uneventful, except for cleaning up on ASBO and preparing for a possible war with V-V-V (before the ASBO war, DaHolla promised to wage war on Booty once their war with ASBO was over). However before they could declare on Booty, Booty declared on RES. On the weekend, where the war was to start, cgopie had his 21st birthday, meaning he would miss the first three days of the war. Therefore he set an account sitter to watch the start of the war with Res.

More Love, More Hatred as cgopie1 Rides the S²ORM

cgopie1 returned three days after the start of the war as promised. He got ready to start attacking Res, and decided to check the forums for any defined targets. However, when he looked through the forums, he saw that he was in the S²ORM forums! He knew that S²ORM had also declared on Booty, so this was a complete shock. After scouring the forums and checking his mail, he figured out what had happened. Booty had merged into S²ORM and the war with Res was a fake.

At first, many of the pre-Booty S²ORM members did not like cgopie1's style of humour. This caused anger from players such as KristieDawn and Dead Socks (one of cgopie1's humour acts at the time was degrading women). Eventually, through skype convos, the rest of S²ORM slowly but surely started to accept his humour and take it to heart.

He was also starting to become more vocal in the external forums and many people started to finallly tyake notice of his straight-forward posts, sometimes humourous spam, sometimes very blunt and directly serious.

Little in game action has happened during his time at S²ORM apart from a few timed attacks on Kinky and cleaning up in k15. Recently he has moved south towards Manic for the war.

Current Status

His humour took him over the edge with Kanuk a Nutz and has subsequently been kicked from S²ORM for swearing in the forums and apparently displaying a show of disrespect for the S²ORM leadership. Several S²ORM players have shown their support for cgopie1 and have asked for him to be re-instated. This however, is comprimised by the fact that cgopie1 is reluctant to rejoin and Kanuk a Nutz is unlikely to re-invite him (the S²ORM dukes have said that Kanuk will be the one to decide whether to reinstate cgopie1 or not).

After briefly running a tribe which included only himself and a sat account, he and his sat account moved to Merc.T where he has tried to encourage more contracts to be brought forward in the near future. His own future is still up for debate, though it is now extremely unlikely he will ever make a return to S²ORM.

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