Conan of the Illuminati - COTI

Council Of The Illuminati was founded by Adamington on 06th October 2008 and was a mass-recruitment tribe based in K50, the growth was fast for the members they had and with the help of great players like LargeK9 helped to scare the other tribes to merge or be nobled, this tactic lead to the forming of their academy AOTI, once full control was gained the tribe looked to expand.

This lead to the joining of ~TLA~ as TLA~C, the idea behind the joining of a family this large was to push south against Conan with the Eastern front secure but war broke out between ~TLA~ and {LC*s}.

TLA~C served as support for this war and once ~TLA~ won the war, were praised for the support the tribe mustered to the tribes on the front line.

Before TLA~C could finally finish their plans ~TLA~ was declared on for another war with OM and H²O.
This war lead to the downfall of ~TLA~, with the force being hit at the front without a reasonable time to rebuild and trying to command 500+ members the leadership couldn't handle the workload, leading to tribes including TLA~C leaving this doomed family.

TLA~C took it's old name as Council of the Illuminati again and instead of warring Conan made them their closet ally.

COTI now having tasted war, knew they would have to expand or die. This lead to a push into K40 and K51 to B.o.U and TEMPN annoyance, followed soon after by TEMPN declaring on COTI which after the first villages falling to TEMPN, COTI pushed hard and took the lead, with the fear in TEMPN eyes they fled in droves to B.o.U who asked COTI for a NAP because of the formation of V-V-A, V-V-V had recruited the old Munipa members and was testing them on B.o.U.

COTI then looking to sort out its ranks, merged with their close allies Conan and recruited good players that were tribeless from all the wars giving COTI control over K50 and K60 and starting to expand outwards in all directions.

The next war was with CR, with huge numbers COTI had they were slowly taking K70. CR then allied with with ANTI to make the Reign family, this was short lived as soon COTIs slow growing on these tribes forced CR to merge but COTI couldn't take much as soon they had to focus elsewhere.

COTI was happy growing slowly staying out of the major wars including the now large and highly active MANIC against V-V-V war but the rumours of COTI planning to join the war lead to some V-V-V family members nobling in K50, COTIs homeland annoying COTI members.

COTI declared war on V-V-V family, which was shortly followed by S²ORM declaring on COTI.

COTI took a lead in the V-V-V war which lasted for months, the first major signs of weakness came from the loss of both V-V-A and AOTI (both tribes academy tribes), but soon the leadership at COTI had members who couldn't see them surviving in COTI and left, this lead to some in fighting.
Lampard.08 was put in charge at looking for plans to our future, saw the future at V-V-V but the merge he planned didn't happen as planned and people joined MANIC and the set up FRMA (MANIC acadmey tribe) took place to hold the members.

COTI was still around but more a shell of it's old self, KingWares became the Duke of the tribe and talked to the tribes allies Conan and Wolves and both tribes merged into COTI. Because Conan had been with COTI for soo long the tribes name changed from Council of the Illuminati to Conan of the Illuminati.

Historical Stats

Best Rank: 8th on 3rd June 2009
Most top 40 points: 57,503,480 on 23rd July 2009
Most Villages: 8,117 on 24th July 2009

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