The birth of a God

The joining date of Crewiz is unknown but it is believed that it is around October 14, all that is surely known is that it was a glorious day for internet.
Crewiz joined W24 as his first world, and although he found it fun, he was impatient for his delicious buildings to get built, thus he joined 5 other worlds. He slowly came to a conclusion that to many worlds take away your focus from your main world, wich lead him to leave all worlds but 20 and 24 later in game.

At start he had joined a delicious noobish tribe named: If Doom shall be forgotten. Tag was DSF. He was 108 points at the joining of this tribe, and became baron instantly, since that was something you became upon joining this tribe it was fun while it lasted, but crewiz got offered to join a much better tribe once he reached the amazing amount of 171 points. it was a glorious day, since it was a semi-good tribe, and he learned alot. like that axes aint good for supporting, and he learned how to make a nuke. He also discovered the awsomeness in using rams. Indeed it was a good tribe. As he learned, he became better and in the end he became a baron once again, but now he was ready to lead this tribe. To victory! To Glory! FOR MOTHERLAND, BY GOD!

There was a much bigger tribe in the area (k18) though with many more members. as the nub he was, he had no idea about what massrecruiting was or why it was bad! but oh no, this tribe wanted to merge with his, and the council agreed since the duke had gone innactive for unknown reasons (RIP OZANA! Oh dear lawd. He came to this new tribe, it was so unorganized and he came to tears at the amount of noobiness. His skillz were forgotten, and he nobled barbs, oh what a pain for the soul! He became baron here also, since the noticed his skills as a leader. He had now discovered that nobling of barbs were for nubs, and nobled players when he could, and as he became council, he made everything in his power to cut down the diplomacy, make rules for nobling and to bring the tribe forward, but all the effort was for nothing, the two dukes were newer than him at the game, and didn't know shit!

The effort little crewiz had put in was all crap. But there was light! Two friends, Martin and Andy joined the tribe, they were the biggest men around, and thanks to their many points, they were made council INSTANTLY. But they were different, they were skilled players, good players. And they became friends of crewiz at an instant! they learned him better nukes, better combination of vills (although crewiz only had 3) and whilst crewiz had lost hope for fixing this tribe MiM, his friends had been offered a place in another tribe BURN_, even council spots. And when it was about time to leave, they asked if they could bring their god, Crewiz. _BURN_ of course said yes, how could they miss such an opportunity?! They all left at the same time, and instantly the old tribe MiM accused little crewiz of being a refugee, even if crewiz always had done what was best for MiM, and they didn't listen. _BURN_ defended Crewiz and said they wouldn't just let them noble me. He was to valuable! Crewiz continued to learn in _BURN_ and kept growing and having fun, And this was the start of a journey so fantastic and 1337, that it can't even be written about… Yet

Forum Presence

Crewiz always looked at the rankings, wondering why it all changed so fast, why some tribes fell so fast and other rised so fast. So he decided to go out exploring. He decided to go to the world 24 forum and see hat was there! He discovered so much, like a mighty tribe Kinky, that had total core domination, which was a rare thing! He lurked many days before he dared making an account, lurking a bit more, and then slowly making posts to see if anyone would notice that he was completely new. Ofcourse everyone said ''oh lawd! watermelon and crewiz, it's purrfect combo! we love you god! if you were lotion, we would smear it all over our naked bodies!''

And Crewiz learned and learned, troll'd and troll'd got flamed and flames. Until he became ONE OF THEM!

Delicious cake!

Delicious Bio

Crewiz IRL name is Sebastian. oh what a glorious name. He lives in sweden, and thinks he's all that just because he knows spanish, that arrogant piece o- Oh, sorry. He lives in sweden as said before in a town named Västerås. He is turning 15 on July 3, remember this date for all eternity, let's say it once more
July 3

There. On this day he becomes 15. and according to swedish law, he is now allowed to uhurrhurrmm bonk bonk, you get it.

He goes to a school named Apalbyskolan, wich translated means apple-school. what a fag school. Lucky the to have Sebastian there, to man it up.


Skype: Crewiz

And mail: You might get it if you ask reaaaallly nice. or if you provide pics of boobs.

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