Well ok seeing as this is here.. i guess ill write something construtive.. :P

A Deb123 potted history first i suppose of my TW career.. such as it is. :-)

Well came across TW W10(Without understanding at all the lenght of a game.. lol) and thought well something to do for a week.. that was two years ago.. almost to the week.
I started as a noob does, building EVERYTHING to max. 12K villages rule when your starting XD and then proceding to build a wonderful mix of troops. Heavy on the defence.

Within a week i was in my first tribe… within 2 weeks i was coduke. My coleader was Immortal my tribe Wolf pack (WPack) All very noobish. ALL new to the game.
We learned fairly fast i have to say although leading when your learning is not a good idea TBH. I was one village for a very long time.. to busy to grow. A tribe member Groome was far more agressive than i at that stage and grew to 4 whole villages and got talking to a member of the invading tribe "The Crew" Tcrew that was threatening our exsitance :O the player he chatted to was Robbie1. In the end Groome left for TCrew and i still one village.. Groome talked his new leadership.. a harsh pair called "River Fights for glory" and "King Geldwolf" into allowing me in, that he and robbie1 would be responsible for MAKING me grow.

So i left in floods of tears the tribe i had been running.. sigh. Was a good move but a hard one. Robbie1 and Groome ordered me to go 100% offensive till they said i could build defence.. i was therefore 100% offensive till i was 250K :D not a good idea folks unless you have good friends with a lot of spare defence. The Great River and King G had both spoken to me.. and we had chatted a bit (i was a tad scared of them bk then. lol) They had said that i could stay IF i reached the tribe average.. which seems HUGE but i wasen't giving up. OH no. lol So i grew and grew. They were impressed.. I made myself useful in other ways as well, as a mod as a clicker monkey for river (upgrading his walls lazy thing) And helping with making lists.. OVer time i became privy to more and more sensative information until i was promoted through the ranks to Baron.. after about 4 monthsish KG asked me (after chatting to river) to be Co duke. I turned them down flat. After Wolf pack i was not ready for that.. another week went past.. and then KG ordered me to accept duke, or they would noble me.. A that point what do you say.. lol

So that how i became Co-duke of T-crew in W10 and met KG and River AKA smurf- i got to 3.5 mil before we left. The long and short of that is i left due to health reasons. I put myself in hospital over the peeps in Tcrew. in looking after them more than myself in RL. Something i wont repeat and something that Kg and river wont let me repeat.

lol T-crew was a top ten tribe (K16 starter) which was not to shabby for three leaders on thier first world. So W10 done river starts a new world W24. And finally talks me into joining him.. i have my reservations.. im still fragile after what happened on W10 and im not sure i can handle starting again.. but he talks me around.. (he does have that ability.. sigh) maybe 1-2 months later KG joins us. And Fragmania and later renamed MANIC is born.

I suppose the three of us use a lot of the things we learned worked on W10. plus trying out a few changes here and there.. believe it or not manic is actually LESS strict than W10 was… lol (now i know that will shock a few) We continue to learn.. and teach. the three of us are Mad manics. and will be for as long as theres a reason to continue playing. (might be a while then guys sorry) lol

I guess this is quite long enough.. although i would like to add one more little thing.. lol

Deb123 is a Co-duke of manic abet a quiet one. <3 to all xx

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