Fams (Famous Warrior) was founded by Martin sj from K61 and Boxerdlw from K82. I was one of the early members of the tribe. So like any other tribe (I'm assuming) we grew from mass recruitment, with few merges here and there, until we took the number 1 spot in K82. Things weren't looking too bright for our K61 members with only 10 players and the bulk in K82 so the founders decided to split, Fams82 and Fams61 (members from this faction soon joined the =LOW= network). I soon became the co-runner of Fams82 and after Fams61 was disbanded, we changed our tribe name to fams.

Now K82 had other rivaling tribes, the deadliest (perhaps 'coz we were just noobs) of which was BoA (Born of Animosity) that once housed players like pkmac of MANIC. Tensions grew between the 2 tribes and fams had it's first major war. BoA was allied with a tribe called CFE (a faction from one of our allies). The campaign against BoA wasn't successful with fams hardly taking any villages and BoA skillfully ( though might I say laboriously as well) took villages from us. CFE got cocky and along with it's academy, started to attack us. What better than a noob vs noob fight don't you agree? Soon we had the edge against CFE and it's academy but not so with BoA. In desperation, Boxerdlw brokered a deal with =LOW= family, allowing them areas in K82. Soon BoA was in shambles, matchless against the might of the =LOW= family. Ex-BoA started pouring in fams while other's chose =LOW= who controlled K72. However, Munpia and AM moved against the family reducing it to dust.

I disappeared for a while, and other's took my place, primarily Majulner. There were new faces as well after the merging of fams and CFE that brought other skilled players like Algonquinman, brizarion and kate hecate to name a few. By this time fams had its own networks: FamsA and FamsC. Other lesser tribes connected to the main tribe formed but was later ordered to be dissolved. Moreover, fams controlled at least 60% of K82, and good portions of K83. At this time, here's the borders of fams: MANIC to the east, OM to the north and an ally to the south. We had dealings with lesser tribes in K82 and got into a little fight with =RES= for attacking their members in K82. We didn't care of course. They were in K12, a gazzillion miles away =)

After my return (I was nobled by mates since they thought I wouldn't come back from holidays!), rumors of war with OM began. Our insider from our opponent was hoccamp1 (remember moi?!) who was friends with Majulner and Boxerdlw. By this time, our tribe has entered the top 20. Anyways, plans were made, but was never executed. I'd say the small skirmishes in K82 was nothing 'coz, hey, its noobs vs noobs. Soon the attacks started and K72 members began to disappear. Like I said, we were unprepared, so again we took heavy hits. Boxerdlw wasn't really the active leader and usually sent orders through me or Majulner (those sleepless nights!). I was the page and even after the war, I was brander as the tribe "go-for"!

So OM war, we got desperate, and asked the help of other higher tribes like V-V-V & Hungry, foolishly not knowing that these tribes were somehow related. hoccamp1 got pissed and promised fams kiss goodbye (I used convos between him and Maj to get the help of those tribes…hhmm I hope those message didn't make it to the forums! :P). Talks of merging the Top 20 player from fams to MANIC started, but KG shot it down since the talk was only b/ween Smurf- and Boxer. In the end, we got crushed though we did take some villages, but still we were getting slaughtered, even when they slowed attacks since they were doing ops on ANTI, which now is ACID, which is now, again, gone joining FS network. Soon, talks were made and the 2 tribes brokered a NAP. It was a disappointing war for us (duh!) and morale dropped. To get the boys going, Algonquinman prepared ops against other tribes for practice, mainly KhX (I think this was the name). It was pretty successful, still results didn't show that of a Top 20 quality. Skirmishes in K81 started as to practice battling skills and expansion purposes.

Fast forward, by late January, Majulner planned an op on ANTI. Our ally in K92 (renamed as W-A, currently battling FS at that time so we were told) and Coti planned on gang-banging ANTI. Unfortunately, Coti was attacked by (I believe) TEMPN so was out. MANICO offered their help. Plans were made and 2 days before the op MANICO disappears from the map to be replaced by V-V-A. At this time we allied with MANIC who was at war with V-V-V.F. Anyways, ANTI proved to be a hard nut to crack and battle was almost at level. Soon, inactivity in the tribe grew numerous and ANTI continued to hammer fams F.

I had to leave again, this time for good due to RL reasons, though I kept up with my mates through skype (ah technology!). ANTI continued to gain the upper hand against fams, but was told by Algonquinman and Boxerdlw that a new op was going to take place that would turn the war in our favor. Also, by this time Inc. joined the fray. Inactivity grew, the battle being hardly fought by anyone now. The op was dropped and Boxerdlw was being sat. This marked the doom of fams. With the leader inactive and no one had the initiative to lead a fail tribe (ranked #10 at this time), Algonquinman disbanded fams.

So ends the history!

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