Fusion - FUSE

Fuse was formed by 3 tribes that fought each other in K25.
Those 3 tribes were Madness, omg? and Life ( i think ).
This war drained their forces and other tribes started to noble in our K ( HATE, Kinky, Victus, Garuda )

The leader of Fuse were Mad89(Madness) and LeSmash(omg?) and in short time we managed to secure our borders.
We started to war HATE and their academy tribe HACE. It was a tight battle until MORE was found.

Because of the many players that wanted to join Fuse, the leadership formed Fuse2( lead by taralou )
Fuse2 hadn`t acted like a real academy tribe and we started to have conflicts with them. The reasons were farm nobeling, lack of participation in the wars, not supporting the tribe mambers, inactivity.

The leader of Fuse2 changed the name to KoP ( Knights of Phoenix ) and broken all the relations with the mother tribe.
That angered the leadership of Fuse and the elimination of KoP began.
Taralou tried to find help beyond our borders and manipulated some leaders about the situation.

Because of the low presence on the public forum and the bad diplomacy many other tribes made us stabbers( we were the first tribe that declared war to our academy :D )

After dealing with KoP we started to grow.Our stats were good and other tribes started to feal the fear, not only the hate for us.

Because of the More vs V-V-V war and the naps/alliances we started to attack tribes in K23- Garuda`s territory(Garuda was Fuse`s biggest haters :P. )
Because of this the leadership turned to the V-V-V vs MORE war. In less than 1 week the war came to a finish. MORE was unprepared for a big scale attack and they surrendered.

Meanwhile V-V-V declared on _CT_. Despite of the nap between V-V-V and Fuse, some of the council members fanted to start a war on them.
_CT_ played the meatshield role and Fuse the nuker.

The war was tight until GARUDA and nickers started to act.Fuse was filled with spies and they knew where to hit.
They nuked Mad89(the duke) who had all his support on the frontline and the second day he quited.
Fuse disbanded and the most of the members joined V-V-V.

The main reason why Fuse isn`t today it`s because of LeSmash who had a personal war with some members of V-V-V.

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