Dihydrogen Monoxide - H²0

Lord Chaos phase
The tribe was founded by Lord-Chaos in the earliest days of world 24. Lord-Chaos had already started several tribes on other worlds, but didn't know anyone in world 24 when he founded H²0 in the north-east corner of K43. To start up the tribe, he issued invites to any promising-looking neighbours in his area. The first to accept the invite was element14, who was appointed baron privileges to help Chaos set up the tribe. Element14 set up the tribal overview and profile and issued more invites to neighbours.
The tribe was originally called "Aquatic Patrons" and the original coat of arms was "H²O" written in the steam of a mirror (ty Google images).

H²0's first test as a tribe was against Rune, one of the top tribes on the world at the time, not just in K43. What started as a farming and catapults war became the death for Rune's duke when his first village was nobled by Beowulf77. As soon as the Rune duke was taken down, the rest of the tribe dispersed into other local tribes, including NAZGUL, WoM, ~BxB~ and into H²0. From the former Rune players recruited or nobled, H²0 started to move east. [IB] or "Iron Brigade" was a minor war ending in a merge, which brought H²0 up to the number 1 tribe in K43 and bringing in pbear to the tribe, the 2nd ranked player in K43. To screen the trustworthiness of players to join the main tribe, an academy tribe H²0² was established, ran by Faramir70.
Diplomacy at the time was very miminal. Chaos famously asked Kinky if they were interested as taking on H²0 as a family tribe, and alliances were forged only with minor tribes
Lord-Chaos declared he didn't have enough time to continue running the tribe and asked for volunteers to step up as duke. When it was clear no one else was willing, pbear took over the position.

Pbear phase
Pbear was initially unwilling to make changes to the tribe, but started up quads which were designed as teams to take over certain areas of the continent. She also took up dukeship of the academy via a sat account, Poisoned Pawn. Her war leader simsk3141 led the Quad leaders against Nazgul and Rune's former allies ~BxB~ (duked by Azi the Dragon) while Lindasparty the baron took care of internal issues. Pbear herself concentrated on diplomatic matters.
With the help of her strong diplomatic capability H²0 allied itself with WoM, the top tribe in K53, against ~PW~ and Evil-Steve (the top player K43 player and also in the top 5 of the world) and later with PIE?!, the number one tribe in the world. A new coat of arms2 was created for the tribe by Socks. All the enemies were defeated, including a small far-western tribe Simple, which established H²0's place in the west of K43 as well as the east. She next ordered once all the Nazgul members had been taken care of or in the case of deftonehatredz, recruited, that every member establish villages in K42.

The #1 tribe in K42 A:~ did not appreciate the advances and declared war on H²0 on the world forums3. Regardless of their tough talk, ~:A:~ were defeated in a matter of weeks with a huge margin in H²0's favour, despite being supported by their allies ~TLA~ and LotD. Towards the end of the war pbear had to leave the game for several months for personal reasons, and gave her account sitting to a council member, Dead Socks. A while was spent a while waiting for pbear to come back and start making the decisions again, but it was soon obvious that Tribal Wars was not the priority for her anymore. Chaos passed his duke privileges to Socks.

Socks phase
As soon as Dead Socks realised that it was pbear and Lord-Chaos's will for her to take care of the tribe, she appointed Woody955 as baron and war chief, and LionalJ as diplomat, herself taking the role of recruiter and duke. Woody led operations against local CT_ and I/W members, Lional began talks with powerful southern neighbours Munpia while Socks declared on ~TLA~ who had recruited many of the ~:A:~ refugees into their gigantic 80M point family. This war was another victory.
The academy was abandoned and reformed as MiNo under Socks's command. The former academy didn't have any baron or duke.

The tribe started to become increasingly close to their northern neighbours SWARM and eventually as the tribe was rife with so many inactive players (including pbear who fell from worldwide rank 2 to rank 200) that Socks and wIz arranged a merge for the 2 tribes. SWARM became S²ORM and invited H²0's top members, while academy members from BSWARM and MiNo joined H²0, renamed as S²ORM². The merge was leaked a fortnight before the event by a member of Hungry - a tribe of former Munpia members who were eventually allied with H²0 against ~TLA~.

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