What can I do?

It's a question I wish I would be asked more often. "How can we help Gopie and Socks set up this site?"

1. Firstly, go and read the "I don't get this!" which is a basic guide to editing, and try out some of the techniques listed there… In here, I will disclose some more advanced editing options and specific things you can do to make the site smoother and cooler and generally more awesomeful.

2. Don't PM the mods and admins asking them to change things. Just do it yourself. If your grammar isn't good, ask someone on the forums to help you, but otherwise this site is not powered by us, it's fuelled by you. You meaning, actually you. Yes you.

3. Do not add objectional content, or the site admins may face liability for the damages.

4. Click "options +" at the bottom of the page, and then parent, to change the navigational layout.

5 Do not post biased comments. This site is not for flaming other tribes or bigging up your own. You may post biased point-of-views when writing a page on yourself, but not when editing a page about a tribe. This site is for information, not opinion.

6. Follow these very basic formatting rules when you make a new page:

  • Put the real name followed by the tag of the tribe if it's a tribe page, example "Veni Vidi Vici - V-V-V"
  • If you know the date that the tribe was founded and when it was disbanded, put those dates underneath the name. Example; "August 14th - Present day"
  • Make sub-headings for important parts of the history (for example - on the page about V-V-V you might want to make a sub-heading for each major war they were in to group their history) and try and keep your paragraphs down to 4 sentances max.
  • Follow the subheading formula on a player page of "Player bio", "Personal bio" and "Significance to world 24"
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