Quick help

1. To Read
Use the search button in the top-right corner to make your life easier. Otherwise try http://w24.wikidot.com/, which links to several indexes. If you still don't have the info you need, sign up and add it, or suggest that page in the Suggestion forum.
The forums can be found from the bar at the top of the page.

2. To Edit
If you are a member of the editing team, all including this one will have a button somewhere on the page that says "Edit". If you cannot find it, press the ctrl + F buttons on your browser.
To create a link to a new page, type syntax: [[[new page name]]] or [[[new page name | page title]]].
Once you have saved the page, the syntax you typed will have turned into a link. Follow the link to open a page to create a page in that name, or to direct you to a previously generated page of the same name.
Visit Documentation pages to learn more. There are any number of capabilities using this software on a vast scale of techincal difficulty, from "can't type with more than 2 fingers" right through to "master haxx0r". :P

3. Editing Guidelines
All wiki content must be suitable for a wide variety of audiences, as well as accurate and when possible, unbiased…
Statements of your opinion may be added to pages, but only if you display it as a quote with your name at the end.

Like this! All you need to do to quote something is to add an > in front of it. - Socks

Keep up to date with the forums, a lot of discussion on editing the page that you're editing might be going on.
If someone breaks the terms of use, they risk the entire wiki being banned, not just themselves!

4. Preview before you save, it will stop a lot of accidents.
However, it is possible to revert to an earlier edit, and Socks has a copy of the entire site saved on her hard-drive in case of extreme vandalism.
Vandals will have their editing privileges removed, and their "careful" work deleted.

5. How did you do x?
If you see someone else doing something you don't know how to do, click "edit" and read how they did it. Then you can either learn how from their example, or copy, paste and edit what they have written.
In fact, try clicking edit right now so you can see how the following effects below are created.

check out my table it's a great table bold italics underlined strikethrough title url asuperscript bsubscript

Footnotes rule!1
S²ORM are the best tribe2 in the world


  • bullet point
    • demoted bullet point
  1. numbered list
  2. numbered list

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

See? It is all very simple. :)

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