Player bio

Komeet started in a lesser-known tribe named UE and later moved in to K-30 which was at the time, the family tribe of UNDRWD and at war with S²ORM. Once K-30 broke away from UNDRWD, an NAP was established between S²ORM and K-30.
Komeet rose through the ranks to eventually become commander for her area of the tribe, although she later left the role as she felt it was not for her. As K-30 fell into inactivity, she moved tribe to =RES='s academy. There were a few disagreements which ultimately led to Komeet retiring from the server and establishing her own small tribe, Sleepy. Komeet's friends have made it very clear that she will be missed, and possibly she will be seen again on world 24.

Personal bio

Komeet is a very nice person and loves LOVES to chat online. This unique talent has helped her form bonds with lots of players. She hails from Estonia, and is quite young. She has very blonde hair and loves cats. Dead Socks claims sistership with her.

Significance to world 24

Komeet's friendly outreaching attitude may have prevented K-30 from going to war with large neighbours =RES= and S²ORM.

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