Born to Frag - MANIC

Formerly world 24's fastest and most steadily growing tribe, once led by King Geldwolf , Smurf- and Deb123. Currently in a state of decline in the aftermath of the world war, in which the tribe was pitted against Deus and S²ORM following its support for allies Kinky


With love.

I have retired from tribewars, and am now the proud sleep deprived mother of a five week old baby. His name is Matthew Alexander, and he is impossibly beautiful, thank you for asking.

My name is Mandy, and I would first like to say thank you to dead socks and various other numerous visitors invited by KG to the Manic skype channel for knowing I was pregnant but not sweeping across the landscape and annihilating me while I was in hospital and a hormonally induced basketcase. You are all men and women of honour and it was my pleasure to wake up in the mornings and check skype and wonder what the hell you were doing in our chat.

I first joined w24 because my fiancé was getting stomped on by some bigger guy and had given up in a huff.

I logged on as a member of Fraggers Nation (FN) and set about building his little village back up so it would be nice and shiny when he stopped huffing and wanted it back again.

He never did, but I stayed and learned that FN was an academy tribe of FRMA, Fragmania, which was apparently run by Smurf, KG and Deb, a tribe which devoted its time exclusively to flaming each other internally about how lame it was to have an academy tribe and why were we doing it exactly?

As a member of said academy tribe, this information did not fill me with confidence. FRMA was ranked just outside of the top 20. FN was somewhere in the 50s. I decided my tribe sucked epically and I hated all of them at about the time they declared our first war on teq. (tequila) who were right next door to me, and who stole two of my three villages before a truce was miraculously declared. The loss of said villages was perhaps made easier by the fact that when I saw my village being attacked I moved my troops to a different village to keep them safe. “Your troops have all spontaneously combusted in transit” suggested to me that there was perhaps still a little I had to learn about this game.

We were banished into K74 with a ban on nobling in K75, as a result of which my first three villages were in three separate K’s. They were all barbarian villages, part of a long and noble MANIC tradition of nobling barbs which got us where we are today. (For stats of ‘where we are today’, please do not hesitate to talk to KG. He likes it when you talk to him about stats.)

FN was absorbed into FRMA. FRMA had a blow-up when KG decided geko wasn’t nobling fast enough and that we were going to eat him, which led to Smurf- leaving and founding MANIC, and a lot of tribe members having frenzied conversations with no idea what was going on. (“Do we stay? Do we switch? What the hell is happening??” “Deb’s gone over to MANIC. We follow Deb.”)

So now we were MANIC, and KG came over to join us about a week later. This was our initiation as a w24 tribe into the world of Smurf- and KG’s adorable quirky habit of upending everyone’s sense of stability by having a petty feud and one or the other one of them quitting the tribe and starting a new one. Or joining an allies one. Or just leaving and coming back a few hours later, having apparently had a holiday in Bermuda drinking lots of pina coladas on the beach and coming back with no memory they ever broke up.

I have it on authority that it was worse on w10. They grew up, matured, and got better. Consider that a moment, please *grins*

MANIC warred a bunch of people, including CARN with honourable mention to grimjaaw, who we respected, and huffjojo who we didn’t but whose name I remembered so they must have been somebody significant. This let us move back into K75.

We also warred _CT_, ESL and {HDR} occasionally, and had a massive offensive against the ~SO~ folks to the south who included Bratster the ever-talkative. ~SO~ eventually became FS (Festering Sherlock), and a hats off to both members of that tribe’s title because we launched a full scale raid on Uncle Fester and got his ODD up to rank 1 in the world while only taking a tiny proportion of his villages. Sherlock we unleashed our first ever Armageddon catapult raid on and were impressed at its efficiency, and he was quite a gentleman about it. As was Ravensbane, when his turn came.

We were collecting players like Gbabyxx from MAN-A and eating a lot of pizza, recruiting the best and eating the rest until we controlled K74, K73, K84 and K83 through wars and merges. MANIC’s policy of long distance nobling for all people was well and truly enforced during this phase; no clusterwhores. If MANIC was in a new K, you were taking villages there.

GARUDA declared on Kinky, and I do believe every player in MANIC sent over half of their defence villages to the Kinky lines in an effort to bolster them. We never, ever gave up on Kinky, but kudos to Garuda for the insane number of red reports we got back.

I think Kings declared on us after that, I don’t really remember because we never went to war with Kings and still haven’t – they sent some trains at us, but we were warring DLV. My love for DLV is beyond measure, they made my account the man it is today. I was four months pregnant when we were destroying them, and they felt the full wrath of my morning sickness.

A shout-out to Rukoh while we’re here, he sent the most perfect train I have yet seen. Impeccably timed, all within 5 seconds, about a dozen nukes, and nobles (possibly even nuke-nobles) and defense neatly lined up afterwards, all heading at Kriid. We stacked that mother to the rafters. It was bloody hard to pull off, because we had to defend all Kriid’s other villages as well, but I think we agreed as a tribe that seeing Rukoh’s perfect train die was worth the effort.

Munpia died and we absorbed them, OM died and we absorbed them, COTI died and we absorbed them, Xp died and we absorbed them, at some stage we warred V-V-V but I was super-pregnant by then and only remember sending a train at Daholla that went Nuke-Nuke-Nuke-Nuke-Noble-Nuke-Noble-Noble-Defense-Nuke-Nuke-Noble-Defense-Noble-Defense-Noble-Nuke-Defense-Defense-Defense. That I took this village was entirely down to the intervention of the gods, and I saw it as a sign I should bow out gracefully before it became clear that my insane genius was in fact just insanity.

Checking up on MANIC over the next few months, the trends stayed pretty stable – we’re still number one, we’re still at war with everyone on the planet, everyone on the PNP still hates us, check, check, check. I leave it to my compatriots to do this era of our history the justice it deserves.

Bacpen; Derek, Jamie and Chafedhawk – three incredibly talented players, one undeniably cursed account. More headaches than I have ever known.
Acrokid – Lachlan, did his best to disband MANIC and kicked almost everyone out of the tribe except the Dukes. You still have my love, kiddo, hope you’re still on this world. (Chewy2k?)
Kriid and CC – You boys made me laugh *grins*
GekoSeth – Smurf’s brother, for taking up the reigns til Eagle came and became Seth Proper.
Bleys7 – The original, Ryan, for telling me that skype took up bugger all bandwidth and that I could add it and get on MANIC chat without overloading the my stolen internet connection.
Derrickhulen – the first of many defense barons.
DIGITS – 2457, too cool for words to describe, premium points is for babies.

All of MANIC who are still with us.
Deb123 - *HUGS*
Smurf- and Fam1ne – Congrats on your wedding! Now start making babies!
King Geldwolf – no man ever spent so much time injured or drunk. My hats off to you. Also thankyou for not eating me when I nobled in your cluster *grins*
RPO – Icky, the eternal frontline wherever he is.
Toffer – The other frontline, can’t believe you kept playing in hospital.
Buttonman and Ravensbane – our PNPers who can spell.
Hocchamp – I would have named cub Princess Hocchamp if he’d been born a girl.
Mightycrows – Mathew, because cub was a boy =) Also ha, Collingwood beat Adelaide (and then got their asses kicked, but it’s the principle that counts)
Seekingtruth – Solidarity, brother.


MANIC have often been victimised on the public forums by their rivals.

Tribe Slogans

"Oh yea?!??! WHERE IS THE PROOF?!"

<3 Manic

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