Orel1 began his career on world 24 after joining near the rim, late in the game. The original idea was to join, and work with some of the W1 veterans who were joining the world. However, as it became apparent that the tribe was unorganized and spread out, the tribe fell apart and disbanded. Orel1 followed a brief stint of inactivity in the world after that, for lack of interest, and began his own, 1-man tribe.

However, after playing the world a bit more fervently, he found EAWF, what was a mass-recruiting tribe but that he felt had potential. After failing to convince them that reform was greater than their current methods, he moved to ~TLA~, where he felt he could make a larger difference.

However, as time progressed, ~TLA~'s leader became more and more stubborn, and eventually war was declared by the tribes Water and OM. These two tribes instigated the downfall of ~TLA~. In an effort to stop the war, Orel1 suggested peace to the leader of ~TLA~, Ravagewolf. Ravagewolf, however, dismissed Orel1, labelling him a traitor. For two weeks, Orel1 went without support, losing no villages to the whole of ~TLA~'s attacks, and gaining 2 million ODD points. By the end of the second week, Orel1 joined Hungry, who gave him small (and by small, two villages at first is an accurate count) amounts of support. Slowly, As ~TLA~ fell, Hungry recruited or nobled towards Orel1's area, until he was once more surrounded by a tribe of friendly players.

Orel1 went on vacation one weekend, though, and came back to Hungry disbanded. Clearly confused, he contacted his former leaders, dannym300 and beatybaby, who had led Hungry. Due to their wish for him to be in a tribe, they allowed him to move into V-V-V along with the rest of the good Hungry players. And thus, V-V-V gained a more prominent southern cluster.

Orel1 played a largely "behind the scenes" role in V-V-V for a while, learning how the tribe worked, how Daholla led, and how the members functioned. Recently, he was promoted to baron of V-V-V, and has been working as one ever since.

Now, Orel1 has moved to a new account name due to the taunts of COTI, and plays on the account "MyUserNameIsMichael".

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