=RES= was founded in October of 2008 by pyro0073. After some growth, those early small skirmishes between upstart tribes, and slowly gaining influence in their immediate K, pyro needed to leave the game for real life concerns.

Shaneirishlad and Azurina took over as duke and duchess. Shane remained duke for a few months. It was during this time that RES began to realize its potential as a force in the northwest region. A partnership began to emerge with S2ORM in this area and the two tribes slowly began to work together and increasingly trust each other. This was the beginning of a partnership that would last a long time.

They went to work immediately on clearing nuisance tribes out of the K12 area. Through skillful merging with tribes like A1 and clearing tribes like PA and TheFP, they began to assert their authority in that area.

It was during the clearing of TheFP that Shane had to leave for personal reasons and duchess Sherry9 and Jewel Eyes became the new leadership of =RES=. During this time, =RES= saw many changes. A merge with -=I=-, the dominant tribe of K11, as well as steady expansion into K2 and K1 gave =RES= a larger base of influence in the northwest. The merge also caused =RES= to attempt the large family model of tribe leadership. This was an experiment that was short lived and another re-structuring took place, whittling their tribe down to the main tribe and the traditional academy.

Also during this time, =RES= declared war on HDR for the first time which was cut short because of the threat of BOOTY from the northeast. The war with BOOTY was also short lived when they merged into =RES= allies S2ORM.

After a period of downtime and restructuring, =RES= picked up where they left off with HDR and began to dominate them in K10 and K20. Following HDR’s collapse, it’s on to Wolves.

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