Previous Worlds

World 1

Rob23 started playing this game september 2006 when recomended by friend at college. He played alongside the 15+ players in his group, until he was eventually the only remaining player. After a few months on world 1, he was nobled by a more experienced player, nine.


World 5

Rob23 came to this world during a stagnent period on world 5. He was a member of the current server dominating tribe, V V V. At his peak he was 3.5 million points. After w24 progressed, he finally decided to delete his world 5 account and focus there.

World 24

Rob23 joined the world in search of more fun and activity, not being seen on his then current world, world 5. He created a tribe named T.E. This tribe became fairly successful, being soely run by Rob23, reaching rank 2 on continent 14.

After a few weeks, he was approached by FBS (formerly know as HACE! & HATE!) to consider a merger between the tribes. To secure the future of the players on the continent, he took the tribes best intrests in mind and decided to merge the majority of players into FBS.

After joining, it became apparent that there was a severe lack of activity within the FBS leadership, which led to Neven666 stepping down as duke. Rob23, reluctantly, accepted to hold the leadership unitl are planned merge with FUSE was finished. Deronys, Rob23's co-duke from T.E, also helped to lead the tribe with me.

FUSE were now at war with V-V-V. They wanted the merge to be completed sooner than feasable. This was not possible and subsequentually was called off, even though some of our better players had already made the switch.

Fuse lost the war to V-V-V, which resulted in our players coming back to our tribe.

Rob23 led the tribe, along with Slowdowntubby, through a brief war with S²ORM & V-V-V.

Our allies to the East (K5/15) ASBO, continually broke terms by nobling inside our territory. This led to FBS and ObV merging, then declaring on ASBO.

During this war, Rob23 nobled 105 ASBO villages, whilst only losing 3. A gain of 102 villages over the duration of the assault.

Rob23 now resides in S²ORM, ranked inside the top 40 of the world and top 20 ODA consistently.

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