Rise Of The Lycans - ROTL

ROTL emerged in K31 during the war between SWARM/S2ORM and trhe alliance of UNDRWD/Virgin/[HDR].

This break-away tribe was made up of former Underworld members loyal to their orginal Duke Xenoblade147. When word reached Xeno that his newly aquirred co-duke Evil-git was planning to overthrow his leadership of Underworld, Xenoblade left the tribe and challenged all those that were truly loyal to him to follow.However when Xenoblade's experiment resulted in member's of ROTL being attacked by [HDR] and Underworld, he declared on Underworld. ROTL swiftly took out two members of Underworld. Up until this time Virgin had remained netrual in this war, however seeing that distraction was only favouring S2ORM, Virgin threatened to step in unless ROTL rejoined the alliance and the war with S2ORM. Understanding that ROTL could not take on 3 tribes Xenoblade waved the white flag, and ROTL was divided up with some joining into virgin whilst the rest were gracefully accepted back into Underworld.

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