S²ORM - The Tidal Wave

S²ORM was founded on Valentine's day 14th Febuary 2009, created from a merge between north-western giants SWARM and outer core/frequently underestimated H²0. At the time of its creation, the dukes were wIzd0m, pbear and Jenkinsthebutler, with former H²0 duke Dead Socks taking up the diplomat role and designing the profile/coat of arms.
One of the first actions as S²ORM was to secure an alliance with eastern neighbours V-V-V and southern Hungry. Within 2 days of the tribe forming however, Kinky began attacking the new tribe's inactives without declaration and stacking the taken villages with MANIC support. As Kinky was also fighting Garuda, S²ORM grew close to them, sharing a social forum section together with GARUDA's close ally KINGS.
While fighting Kinky in the south, S²ORM also fought {HDR}, UNDRWD and Virgin in the north.

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