Sexy War And Rimming Machines - SWARM

Created from the merge of Rhine (led by Jenkinsthebutler) and DevilK (led by wIzd0m), who were originally set on a warpath, but later realised that they shared common enemies and merged to create SWARM, which is also the name of a tactic used by the tribe against the enemy. Many players joined the tribe from PIE?! after it disbanded, and the tribe set about destroying I/W family who interferered in the PIE?! v. Kinky and the PIE?! v. ~TI~ wars.


SWARM's foreign policy was broadly one of constant war. Allies were few, but included southern neighbours H²0 and eastern Fuse (who were in fact at war with wIz's tribe on world 12). After Fuse was defeated by Garuda and V-V-V, it appeared that SWARM v. V-V-V would be the next logical progression, but in fact relations tightened and by the end of the tribe's run, a strong alliance was in the process of being created despite open hostility on the forums by SWARM members against Kinky, V-V-V's ally.
The tribe bonded with H²0 after several of the strongest H²0 players quit. H²0's dukes pbear and Dead Socks were granted the positions of duke and diplomat respectively in the new tribe, "S²ORM"

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