The Last Alliance - ~TLA~

What started as a promising K41-based tribe became a laughing stock as ~TLA~ took on more and more family branches, eventually leading up to 1 main tribe plus 8 sub-sections which all in all held more players and villages than any other tribe in the world at the time:
~TLA~ (mostly joined Hungry or B.o.U)
~TLA~C (became COTI)
~TLA~D (became D/D/D)
~TLA~E (became B.o.U)
~TLA~R (became Reaper)
~TLA~U (became TEMP)

Despite the family status, and the general fact of being a laughingstock, one could argue that ~TLA~ had potential. However, many attribute the lack of potential utilization to the leader, Ravagewolf.

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