Underworld - UNDRWD

Underworld was a tribe located in the North west of W24. At its prime the Underworld family dominated K31 and K30 whilst warring over K32 with SWARM/S²ORM.

Founded by Higg01, Underworld quickly became a feared tribe in the K31 area. Formed from the best players out of 2|t|r and MTS, Underworld quickly dealt with their former tribes. From there they moved onto the I/W - OC family. During this time Underworld2 was formed as an academy. This lasted a mere 2 weeks before the best were taken over whilst the rest were nobled. When key members of Underworld such as Alleo3, staxx and Ciries moved to Virgin, Underworld quickly NAP'd I/W and went to war with Virgin.

This war continued until SWARM declared on Virgin and Underworld. Underworld and Virgin agreeded to team up alongside eachother with the backing of the [HDR] branch of {HDR}. K30-S changed to K30-U, becoming part of the Underworld family. At this stage Xenoblade147 was the duke of Underworld. A week or so into the war with SWARM Rotten Rob (co-duke of Underworld) merged I/W into Underworld. War continued between the alliance (Virgin/UNDRWD/[HDR]) and SWARM (who later merged to form S²ORM).

Underworld's eventual downfall fom its former glory began with a falling out between the two dukes Evil-Git (former I/W leader) and Xenoblade147. After learning about a supposed coupe led by Evil-Git over Underworld when Xenoblade signed a NAP with S²ORM, Xenoblade left Underworld as an 'experiment' to see just how many were loyal to him. When ROTL (Xeno's new tribe) was attacked by an Underworld member, it sealed the fate of Underworld, with two members immediately rimmed by ROTL. During this K30-U pulled out of the family to return to their original K30-S. However with Virgin threatening to step in and attack ROTL, Xenoblade had no choice but to end the escapade and join Virgin to continue fighting against S²ORM.

Only days later however Xenoblade147 was dismissed from virgin after allogations that he was a traitor to S²ORM. Xenoblade147 joined storm and came under immediate fire from Virgin and Underworld. During this however Virgin decided to take up S²ORM's offer and merged into S²ORM. This sealed Underworlds fate, as they came under immediate fire from the new S2ORM members, and soon K31, once the centre of the greatest North Western Power, was now S²ORM Territory. Underworld does still exist as a tribe today, but is merely just Evil-Git and Chumbz, both resilient and proud players who refused S²ORM's offer to join them on more than one occasion.

Some blame Xenoblade147 for Underworlds downfall, others say it was Evil-Git, more say that they were doomed no matter what. Nevertheless, Underworld at its prime was a formidable tribe.

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