Veni Vidi Vici - V-V-V

V-V-V was founded by DaHolla in K35. Immediately after joining and starting V-V-V, DaHolla spammed recruitment letters to everyone in his 7x7, then his 21x21, until eventually he was annoying half of K35. Somehow the letter worked, and he attracted quite a few people, most importantly Mellowpers0n. Mellowpers0n was very experienced, and had now tolerance for inactivity. In addition to increasing V-V-V’s recruitment standards, his name alone attracted other players, namely Weiya.

Eventually K35 consisted of 4 strong tribes: V-V-V, NOOB, KOR, and Life. V-V-V and NOOB were allied against KOR and Life. KOR fell first, followed shortly by Life. NOOB and V-V-V then merged, giving V-V-V uncontested K35 dominance.

After that, V-V-V got into some heated debates with MORE and declared on the public forums with the title "V-V-V want MORE villages". This was V-V-V’s first major war, which brought them into the public eye for the first time, and lasted for over a month. By then V-V-V were allied to Kinky (Weiya had many contacts in the top tribe), and about halfway through the war TKA; merged with V-V-V, bringing in new players such as iBloo and PopeSquirrelytheThird. The war went on for awhile, but eventually MORE’s leadership began to fall apart, and they surrendered to V-V-V.

After the MORE war, V-V-V started to work on CT_. At the same time, plans were in the works by Kinky to war Fuse. However, Fuse took the _CT_ opportunity to war V-V-V. They jumped out to a big lead against V-V-V, but a raid against Fuse’s leader by Kinky (including nickers) and GARUDA caused him to leave the game, effectively ending the Fuse/V-V-V war.

After Fuse, V-V-V kept themselves busy with FBS and other Fuse refugees. During this time, ESL decided to declare on V-V-V, as it had been recently established that Kinky would not interfere in ESL's war and the Lords were eager to prove themselves on the world scene. ESL jumped out to an early lead, but inactivity and leadership issues soon ended that war in V-V-V's favour.

After the war the Kinky alliance was dropped as it was felt that Kinky favoured their allies ESL during the war, a new SWARM alliance was added, and V-V-V merged with Munpia and Hungry (a group of ex-Munpia players who broke off). During this time S²ORM and Garuda warred Kinky, while V-V-V stayed quiet. Eventually V-V-V went to war with B.o.U who were threatening allies S²ORM, who also eventually lost to leadership issues.

After that, V-V-V wanted to war the remaining ex-Munpia players at OM, Munpia's former academy. When MANIC found out V-V-V wanted to expand in the south, they brought OM into their family as Manico in the hope that the combined threat of MANIC and MANICO would prevent V-V-V warring them. Eventually MANICO and MANIC had a falling out, which caused MANICO to approach V-V-V about warring MANIC and merging into V-V-V. V-V-V and MANIC are still at war today.

V-V-V have been the rank one tribe in the past. They recently lost several members due to an attack in which a baron was hacked and made to dismiss all the members. They once had an academy, named V-V-A, but the academy has now been de-established and all worthy members brought into the main branch.

Some players claim V-V-V has an inactivity problem, and a large amount of speculation about the MANIC - V-V-V war has recently contributed to what posters call "a degeneration of the public forums".

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