VG - Vengeance

Short history for small reputation tribe.
Founded by KillerKommando, with Meldera as leader. Originally tribe direction was planned to help Deus in war with MANIC. Due to mixing RL and TW life Meldera backstabbed Deus and one part of the council in VG(she was dating with Smurf(MANIC leader) brother), and turned all diplomacy towards MANIC.

Many players left, many players followed blindly leadership but what is most known that VG was defeated by Deus in their war due to backstabbing. In time inactivity, spying(yes me, that includes my(kica89) few acc. in tribe) + other spies and internal disputes made tribe big FAIL.

After few months, tribe collapsed and Remnants fled in MANIC F. direction to seek protection from Deus attacks.

Future of the Remnants is yet to be seen, will they survive with MANIC vs World, or they will fail like they failed before.

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